Doc Brown: “The Time Continuum Has Been Altered”

Doc Brown: “The Time Continuum Has Been Altered”

Hill Valley, Calif. ( Exclusive) — In a shocking revelation, renowned inventor and time traveler Dr. Emmett L. (Doc) Brown claims there has been a serious disruption of the time continuum creating a temporal event sequence resulting in an alternate reality. Brown claims that it appears that the fateful 2000 Supreme Court case Bush v. Gore, where the Court effectively resolved the Presidential election in favor of George W. Bush, is where the time line was skewed.

In an exclusive interview with, Brown claims that the evidence can be seen in that we are four years away from the year 2015 and most of the technology shown in the 1989 time travel documentary Back to the Future Part II is nowhere on the horizon.

“Where are the flying cars?” Brown asked. “There are no flying cars because the U.S. did not foster the green technology research required to enable the invention of Mr. Fusion. Without Mr. Fusion there can be no flying cars.” Brown asserts that this also ultimately helped the decline of the automobile industry in America that saw General Motors eventually go bankrupt.

Brown further states that rejuvenation clinics, where individuals can receive all-natural life extension overhauls, are perhaps another decade away from being available due to the suppression of stem cell research during the Bush years. “These places are wonderful. I visited one in my original visit to the year 2015. They added a good 30 to 40 years to my life”.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.” Brown states. “In the original timeline it was Al Gore that became President of the United States. It was eight years of amazing technological advancements. Instead of science enduring years of suppression and questioning from creationists and other religious fundamentalists, it was fostered and bloomed. The American public were so happy with our progress. Almost every kid had a shiny new Hover Board. President Gore had an unprecedented 88% approval rating. He was so popular that he managed to sponsor the bill in Congress that led to the abolishment of all lawyers. Unbelievable.”

Although there are many technological advances missing from what is seen in Back to the Future Part II, Brown admits there are some technologies that are on track, such as:

  • Power Laces – This year Nike patented the technology for power shoe laces for athletic footwear.
  • Video games without controllers – With Microsoft’s release of the Kinect for XBox, the day is soon coming where a video game with manual controllers will be “like a baby’s toy”.
  • Weather forecasting continues to become very precise with the advancement of computer modelling and the relay of up-to-the minute weather forecasts to GPS-enabled mobile devices.

But Brown says he does not feel this is nearly enough to dismiss all that has been lost: “This is just a reminder that we all have a great responsibility when choosing our leaders. The wrong people were in charge for many years and they set back your progress by years, maybe even decades.”

When asked if there was some way we could go back and restore the timeline, Dr. Brown said, “Unfortunately, with the mechanics of time travel, if I were to go back in time and find what went wrong and fix it, the future would only change forĀ me. You all are stuck here. But remember, your future isn’t written, nobody’s is. So make it a good one.”

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