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Zombies No Longer Required To Extend Arms Out In Front

AMSTERDAM (The Skunk) — Paul Bernsauer, President of the International Alliance of Zombies and Swamp Monsters told reporters that his memberships had been complaining for centuries about the now-abandoned practice.

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“Indiana Jones Not Accurate”, Say Archaeological Society

WASHINGTON, DC (The Spoof) — “Ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent of our work involves crawling on your hands and knees with a toothbrush and spoon digging holes, looking for what is essentially a tiny bit of buried evidence, useless on its own, and filling in forms, reports and giving lectures on said trinkets when they are found.”

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Computer Programmer’s Shame On Confessing To Never Having Seen ‘The Matrix’

PARTS UKNOWN (NewsBiscuit) — The IT world was plunged into bitter recrimination last night after computer programmer James Renfield finally admitted that despite working in the industry for many years, he had actually never watched ‘The Matrix’ movie.

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Downtown Tripoli Drag Scene Welcomes Highly Unconvincing Newcomer

TRIPOLI, Libya (NewsBiscuit) — Supporters loyal to fugitive Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi have insisted that it is a ‘complete coincidence’ that in the days since his disappearance there have been a number of sightings of a rather unkempt new drag performer in the nightclubs of downtown Tripoli.

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Bill Watterson Writes, Illustrates, Shreds New ‘Calvin And Hobbes’ Strip Each Morning Out Of Spite

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH (The Onion) — “Wow, this might be one of the best yet,” Watterson said as he completed his 5,689th strip of the past 16 years. and then immediately fed it into a paper shredder.

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Chicago Baby Born Ready

CHICAGO, IL. (The Chicago Dope) — According to doctors at Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago, little Trevor Gould was born with a strange case of perpetual preparedness, a condition that will likely keep him on the ball for the remainder of his life.

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Study: Half Of U.S. Adults Will Be Obtuse By 2030

WASHINGTON, DC (CAP News) — “It was not that long ago that it was relatively uncommon to come across an obtuse person, particularly outside of certain high-obtuseness hotspots like hockey arenas, and the South. These days it’s not unusual for entire families, and in some cases entire social groups, to be obtuse. Often morbidly obtuse.”

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Disappointed New York Hurricane Survivors Relunctantly Return To Work On Monday

NEW YORK, NY (Newsweak.com Exclusive) – Many New Yorkers looking forward to being able to ditch work, using fake reasons related to Hurricane Irene, will now relunctantly have to return to their jobs on Monday.

“Oh man, my friends and I had this huge party planned on Sunday night. Now I have to set the frikken alarm to go to work in the morning.” said dejected twentysomething Manhattan resident Ted Cooper.

New York underwent an evacuation order starting Friday, an alert that was cancelled Sunday after it was apparent that New York would not be subject to damaging high winds and rain. Transit services that were shut down in preparation for Hurricane Irene’s arrival will mostly be in service on Monday. Aside from some minor street flooding New York city was spared any hurricane damage, or reasons for residents to miss work.

Even some chronically unemployed New Yorkers were affected. “It sucks.” said Josh Arnell, speaking from his Brooklyn apartment, “Me and my roommate bought a whole bunch of candles and a keg and were going to stay up all night and get so wasted with some buddies. Now it’s been called off because they have to go to work tomorrow. I don’t even have a job I can blow off. I feel totally gypped.”

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Steve Jobs Resigns After Realizing Technology Has Gone As Far As It Can

Steve Jobs Resigns After Realizing Technology Has Gone As Far As It Can

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Internet Outages from Hurricane Could Force People to Interact with Other People, Officials Warn

WASHINGTON, DC (The Borowitz Report) — News of the possible interpersonal interactions created panic up and down the coast as residents braced themselves for the horror of awkward silences and unwanted eye contact.

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