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Teenage Boy Continues Search For Topless Sunbather On Google Earth

GLOUCESTER, UK (NewsBiscuit) — Fourteen year old Julian Hayes has been frustrated by his parents’ strict controls on the family computer, but has figured that somewhere on Google’s satellite photo-map must be a photo of a woman ‘lying in the sunshine with her breasts exposed for all to see.’

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Conspiracy Theorists Deny 9-11 Anniversary

NEW YORK, NY (The Daily Mash) – SEPTEMBER 11th conspiracy theorists have dismissed claims of the terrorist attack’s 10th anniversary.

“…there’s no way they could have destroyed the World Trade Center, because there’s no World Trade Center in New York. If there is then show it to me.”

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Dishes Wash Themselves

PARTS UNKNOWN (The Leaky Wiki) — In an event that shocked the scientific community, a pile of unwashed, stinky dishes, just washed and dried themselves before dad came home from work.

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NFL To Fine Fans For Excessive Celebrations

NEW YORK, NY (The Onion) — In a controversial decision to crack down on gaudy displays of jubilation, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced plans Wednesday to fine fans thousands of dollars for celebrating excessively in the stands.

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“He Tried To Bite Me” – Teenage Girl’s Horror As Date With Vampire Goes Wrong

ALABAMA, U.S. (The Spoof) — “I thought he would write poetry and say really deep things” she sobbed “but he wasn’t like that at all. Then he got all fangy and tried to bite me in the neck. It wasn’t romantic at all.”

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TSA Falsely Accuses Man Of Transporting Snake And Tortoises, Finds Instead Man’s Huge Genitals

MIAMI, Florida (The Spoof) — TSA screeners at Miami International Airport ordered that a man be held for transporting an exotic snake and two tortoises. A strip search revealed that the man instead sported an extremely long penis and large scrotum.

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CEO’s Marital Duties Outsourced To Mexican Groundskeeper

GROSSE POINTE, MI (The Onion) — As part of the ongoing trend toward replacing U.S. workers with foreign labor, the marital duties of United Carborundum CEO Howard Reinhardt have been outsourced to his Mexican groundskeeper, Jorge Escobedo.


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Circus Train Wreck Not Funny, Investigators Emphasize

ALTOONA, PA (The Onion) — Following the fiery derailment of a 56-car Ringling Bros. circus train Wednesday, hundreds of clowns, somersaulting acrobats, ringmasters on stilts, stampeding giraffes, and monkeys in colorful hats were seen fleeing the accident, which investigators stressed was a very serious matter and in no way funny.

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Cheney Memoir Reveals He’s Going To Live Full, Satisfied Life And There’s Nothing We Can Do About It

NEW YORK, NY (The Onion) — The publication this week of Dick Cheney’s memoir, In My Time, has revealed the former vice president enjoys a fulfilling life unaffected by any sense of guilt or regret and there’s absolutely nothing any of us can do about it.

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NFL To Replace Coin Toss With Rock, Paper, Scissors

NEW YORK, NY (CAP News) – “We’ve known for a long time that flipping a coin in the air was an absurd way to determine who gets the ball in a sport where they spend the remaining 60 minutes giving each other brain injuries,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “We think this new rule removes the element of chance and restores football to a 100% game of skill.”

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