Announces Surrender 12 Days After Launched Announces Surrender 12 Days After Launched

New York ( Exclusive) — In a stunning announcement coming only 12 days after current affairs satire site was launched, will close down, directing all of its current traffic into less-unprofitable news site

“The other guy blinked” said Editor-in-Chief Buzz Scoop. “We were hoping to beat them in terms of traffic eventually, but for them to give up so soon is just shocking. We do, of course, take all the credit for this. They obviously saw us coming and decided not to take us on, see? It’s a good thing, too, because without the need for fact checkers, or facts for that matter, it certainly gives us an advantage in putting out the kind of stories people want to read. It’s a totally unfair advantage, I know.” officially launched on November 1, 2010 and although there are no statistics whatsoever that indicate anybody at was even aware of’s existence, it is likely they felt an ominous presence coming on the horizon. Meetings were held in New York throughout the first two weeks of November leading to the merger of Newsweek with The Daily Beast and the ultimate decision to shutter in favor of The Daily Beast’s website.

Presumably the printed edition of Newsweek will live on, safe from competition by Newsweak. For now.

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